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Fri, Aug 23


Hinotori An


SILENT SESSHIN An intensive weekend long Zen practice

Time & Location

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Aug 23, 2024, 6:00 PM – Aug 25, 2024, 7:00 PM

Hinotori An, Kinkelstrasse 10, 8006 Zürich, Switzerland

About The Event

A Sesshin (接心, or also 摂心/攝心 literally "touching the heart-mind") is a period of intensive Zen meditation (Zazen) in a Zen monastery.

Sesshin offers a unique opportunity to retreat from the noise of the outside world for a short time. Through an intensive and focused practice in an urban hermitage environment, which is based on simplicity, silence and an atmosphere that promotes withdrawal, students are offered the oportunity to deepen their understanding of Zen practice, increase their level of attention, clear the mind and cultivate inner peace. As the distractions of everyday life are removed, practitioners are forced to see that many of these distractions are still present because they carry them within themselves.  The intensity of the practice reinforces that process of self-confrontation, making Sesshin a challenging yet rewarding Zen practice that works on all levels.

During the Sesshin, students are directed to confront and correct the patterns that have crept into them for years and decades, manifesting in body posture, walking and breathing, emotional reactions to triggers or in the habitual way of thinking. The practice fosters a change in perception on life’s issues, which cease to be seen as unsurmountable after internal obstacles are successfully conquered. Thus Sesshin can have a liberating effect that fuels the motivation to approach life in a more conscious way.  The effect does not end after the door of the hermitage is closed and the energy generated during prolonged silence in a meditative position acts as a source of fresh strength, and clarity that does not decrease over time but rather accumulates.

The focus of the Sesshin lies on Zen practice and a greater or lesser intensity of silence (depending on whether the sesshin is designed as a silent or thematic practice):

  • Silent Weekend Sesshin includes a schedule consisting of periods devoted to Zazen ( 坐禅 ), Kinhin ( 経行),Mondo ( 問答) and Samu ( 作務). It is performed in complete silence, which is interrupted only during the monda and instructions. Communications take place either non-verbally or with the signaling Zen instruments.
  • Thematic Weekend Sesshin includes a schedule that also consists of Zazen, Kinhin, Mondo and Samu periods,  but with the addition of topic-specific Dharma lectures and Dokusan ( 独参 ) for students of the Dragon and the Phoenix Passages.

Meals are included. They follow Zen principles and are performed using a simple Ōryōki (応量 )ritual. Breaks for tea and relaxation are planned, both during the thematic and silent Sesshins. However, during a silent Sesshin, they are conductedin complete silence, while during thematic Sesshin, communication is allowed but ought to follow Zendo conduct: avoiding idle talk, speaking in a low voice, respectful and kind conversation.

The practice is led by Doka Sensei.


  • Registration - no entry without prior registration
  • Punctuality - arrive 10 - 15' before the start of the practice to prepare in peace; the door is locked 5' before the start of the Sesshin and late practitioners cannot enter
  • Skillful communication – silence at all times, no idle talk, posing questions only during Mondo, tea breaks or after Sesshin
  • Clean socks - prepare clean socks for the Zendo; it is not allowed to walk on the tatami with bare feet, in shoes or with dirty socks (unlike the usual Zendo where one practices barefoot, the Zendo in Hinotori An follows the rules of the Chado room to protect the tatami floor)
  • Attire - to ensure painless sitting and preserve the atmosphere of a temple, attire should be loose-fitting (no jeans, or leather pants), in calm colors (preferable dark); not visually distracting (no short skirts, shorts, bermuda and tank tops - regardless of gender); watches and jingling jewelry must be removed; strong smells must be avoided.
  • Mobile phones - need to be turned off completely or set on Airplane Mode (Silent Mode is also not allowed)


  • Overnight stay - unlike the usual Sesshins held in Zen monasteries, Sesshins in Hinotori An do not include an overnight stay on site, both due to the small space and the closed hermit approach that sensei maintains.
  • Languages - verbal communication in Swiss, German or English. If necessary, instructions can be given also in Serbian or Slovenian.
  • Approach - Hinotori An is a small urban Zen hermitage that cultivates simplicity, silence, discipline and serious practice. 
  • Preparation - Although guidance is always given when needed, students are advised to read the Retreat and Zendo Guidelines before entering this practice.

Detailed information is communicated during the first evening of the Sesshin, but any unclear questions and queries can be asked at any time via email: All questions regarding personal matter will be forwarded directly to sensei.

Schedule: Fri 18:00 - 21:00 / Sat 06:00 - 21:00 / Sun 06:00 - 19:00

Participants: 4

Duration: 1’860 min (31 hours)

Pice: 230 CHF/ 220 CHF/ 210 CHF



    Sale ends: Aug 12, 12:00 PM

    For those who are not Hinotori An practitioners

    CHF 230.00

    Sale ends: Aug 12, 12:00 PM

    For Hinotori An members

    CHF 220.00

    Sale ends: Aug 12, 12:00 PM

    For Hinotori An students

    CHF 210.00


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