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Daoist Medicine

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Great Medicine eradicates karma. 

High Medicine cures future diseases. 

Intermediate Medicine cures present diseases.

Low Medicine applies static methods. 

Inferior Medicine takes peoples’ lives


Daoist medicine is a complex system that perceives man as a unity of heaven and earth, emphasising the principles of Jing essence ), Qi 氣 energy ) and Shen (   mind ), and constant play of the 5 Elements ( Wu Xing 五行 )

It comprises a collection of special contents, medical skills and techniques that are cultivated and protected by the highly virtuous Daoist temple priests. Some of this knowledge is transmitted outside of religious Daoism forming basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine as known and used today.  It is only limited circle of people in China who still cultivates the whole spectrum of the skills used in Daoist medicine. The transmissions of this knowledge are mainly limited to specific lineages inside of Daoist schools.  Although some knowledge is considered as secret and is transmitted only to chosen disciple after decades of hard practice, all Daoist schools share cultivation of the Dao and the variety of arts that are considered as a source and way to Dao.


Traditional Daoist healers are very restrictive in terms of passing on knowledge and healing. They follow the rule:


“Heal people who beg for cure;

Save people who have virtue;

Deliver people, who have this destiny.”

Different Methods

Exercise Healing Methods: 

  • QiGong

  • Longevity Taiji

  • DaoYin (Daoist Yoga)


Material Healing Methods:

  • Herbal medicine

  • Acupuncture

  • Acupressure

  • Moxibustion

  • Cupping

  • Guasha

  • Daoist massage 

  • Fire healing


Non-Material Healing Methods:

  • Music and Sounds

  • Rituals and Ceremonies

  • Mantras & Mudras

Only practices and methods offered in HINOTORI, the Urban Nun Zendo are listed

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