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People mistakenly believe that good behaviour or actions always bring direct rewards.  Such an opinion arises from the conditioning of the Ego, which assumes that an individual is an independent entity that lives in isolation from other forms of existence. In order to free yourself from Ego chains, such conditioning must be removed, which is possible through unconditional giving (love, kindness, help).

Doka Sensei





Any type of volunteering (private or public) can be seen as a practice that helps volunteers to get to know themselves, others and life in general, but also to develop their own potential and discover the power of compassion.  However, like any other practice, volunteer work must be done properly to achieve beneficial results for both sides.   As such, it must be approached with an openness and awareness that demands nothing in return. Buddhist organizations, centers and teachers, especially in Western countries where Buddhism is not well established, can only do their work with the help of the laypeople through donations, sponsorships or volunteer work.

Doka Sensei has a vision to develop Hinotori, the Urban Nun Zendo, into a space where awakening can be realised for and with the whole community.  This vision is supported by dedicated volunteers who practice generosity (Dana) on various ways: material contribution (through donation, tuition) or intangible contribution (through their work, talents and time). 


Thank you for joining the community of volunteers and realising Doka Sensei vision.  Without you, the practice, teaching and social engagement that Zendo has to offer is not possible. 



May people from all walks of life awaken to bliss, true peace and joy.  




Doka Sensei

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