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Directing Qi with Tao Yin 導引

tao yin

The life force (Qi, also Chi 气) circulates through the body in specific pathways and maintains the integrity of the body, mind and spirit. If these pathways (meridians) are blocked by physical, mental, or emotional toxins and tensions, our health is jeopardised. Similar to a dam that causes the river to accumulate on one side while the river bed on the other side of the dam is almost empty, various factors can block life energy and cause stagnation. This imbalance leads to mental or physical illness. By loosening and stretching the meridians, the energy can flow freely again, penetrating the whole body and allowing healing process.

There are many Taoist methods that can help resolve chronic tensions, energy blockages and toxins that have accumulated in our body over years. One of those is the Tao Yin practice, which is designed to activate and direct Qi flow from the Dantien (also, Tan t'ien丹田) via Yin and Yang meridians and back to the starting point again.

The aim of this practice is to guide and harmonise Qi what leads to harmonisation of the body and mind. When we talk about Qi guidance, we address its control, reinforcing, increasing or decreasing depending on needs. And through Qi harmonisation, we address de-blocking and opening up energy channels and with this, reconciling the inner and outer world.

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