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Doka Sensei Message: Post Lock-down Conduct

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

With the easing of pandemic measures and the opening of borders, the contagion has increased in all countries, including Switzerland. Although the likelihood that the individual will become seriously ill is considered low, we must not forget that the likelihood that every person becomes a carrier increases with every careless act.

For that reason, every person is responsible for preventing the next wave of the pandemic. Please, use face masks whenever you are indoors - such as shops, restaurants or in city traffic. Remember, that masks must cover both, the nose and mouth, they must be put on and taken off with clean hands and in an appropriate manner. When you touch the goods in the stores, regardless of whether it is food or other things, keep your hands clean and prevent further transmission of Corona to the next consumer. Keep a physical distance, even if you are not asked to do so. When you travel - travel safely. Remember that planes, shops, restaurants, cafes, beaches, clubs, sport events or offices are open for economic reasons and not because the virus has disappeared and the danger is gone. Install and properly use the Corona tracking application with the knowledge this will not exempt you from protective measures.

Many people have spoken out against lock-down measures, on the grounds that they are able to comply with the rules without being ordered to do so. Now is the time to prove that this is also the truth. Everyone has the opportunity to exercise their own abilities to take responsibility for themselves and their fellow human beings.

Taking care of yourself means taking care of others. So, show compassion and vigilance. This time decides in which direction mankind will move.

With compassionate heart


Maya Doka

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