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The Shades of Understanding

If the consciousness is not yet awakened and lacks intellectual knowledge, the mind is like stagnant water. In such a state, neither questions can be asked, nor the explanations can be understood. This state can be referred to as "No Understanding" which is born out of ignorance.


When the consciousness is not yet fully awakened, even though intellectual knowledge is present, the mind is like a torrent. In such a state, myriads of questions can arise, but the answers to them are not fully understood. This state can be described as "Partial Understanding" which breeds intellectual arrogance.


When consciousness is fully awakened, the intellect is inevitably transcended, regardless of the level of accumulated intellectual knowledge, and the mind becomes like the river that has reached the ocean. In such a state the answers are completely clear, and the questions sink into silence. This state can be called the state of “True Understanding,” which is freed from intellectual constraints.

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