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Māra’s Temptations

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The moment you wholeheartedly devote yourself to the life of a spiritual novice, Māra will begin to haunt you, waking up all dormant demons one by one. This is your path of temptation through which you can experience poverty, hunger and homelessness, violence and pain, betrayal and jealousy, anger and hatred, alienation and abandonment, disease and death.

But if you remain true to the Path despite all this suffering, you will be offered kindness, love, and trust, a piece of bread and free accommodation, respect and acceptance. And if you manage to embrace everything with grace and gratitude, both the smallest act of kindness and the most painful act of crulity will give you strength to persevere in the fight against demons without losing faith and until your inner light finally breaks through the layers of darkness, illuminating the entire world and evicting all the servants of the Māra.

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Unknown member
Sep 27, 2021

In Buddhism, Mara presents demonic king who had tempted Siddhartha during his meditation. After Siddhartha successfully passed all sent temptations, the way to his awakening had opened up.

Replying to

Thank you Maya Doka. Reading over and over your comment I started understanding better the whole array of temptations, obstacles you were referring to. Thanks all the same for clarifying!


What exactly is Māra?

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