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For Hinotori An students who need a refresher on Zen technique

  • 30 minutes
  • 20 Swiss francs
  • Hinotori An

Service Description

This workshop is intended for more experienced Zen students practicing at Hinotori An. As long as the practitioner succumbs to a dualistic perception, the foundation from which the Path extends can easily be destabilized. Foundation built through correct Zen technique has stability necessary for safe jump into the void where body, breath and mind are transcended. Also, long-term Zen practitioners may lack such stability as long as they remain under fog of dualistic perception. They often direct their full focus on the spiritual aspects of the practice, while neglecting the body, which thus becomes a victim of conditioned patterns that manifest in the way of sitting, walking, breathing, or thinking. Hinotori An students who practice within the Dragon and Phoenix Passages are therefore advised to engage in this workshop whenever their body becomes a barrier rather than a springboard for further maturation. Sensei can also directly recommend attending to this workshop if she feels that the student needs additional explanations, and corrections or if she feels that additional technical elements can help break through internal barriers. This short workshop should be understood as a Zen practice, that follows the same principles and rules. Workshop does not support meaningless conversations, arguments, justifications, or rhetorical discussions because these are manifestations of the intellect that tends to analyze, the ego that always defends itself and conditioning that activates programmed reactions. This workshop therefore approaches the technique as a means of "polishing the mind" through subtle changes of the body and "shaping the body" through subtle changes of the mind. Thus, the technique itself aims to transcend the technical aspects of the practice. Schedule: Tue - Sun Participants: 1 Duration: 30' Tuition: 20 CHF

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend the training you have booked, please cancel your booking 24 hours before the start of the course so that the practice you have missed can be replaced at a later point in time.

Contact Details

  • Hinotori An

    Kinkelstrasse 10, Zürich, Switzerland

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