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For all those who are going through an emotional, mental or spiritual crisis

  • 1 hour
  • 60 Swiss francs
  • Hinotori An

Service Description

This meeting is open to the general public, but is primarily intended for Hinotori An practitioners. It provides a platform to support personal growth or guidance through periods of emotional, mental, or spiritual crisis. Before approaching this meeting with sensei, it is important to understand that a Life Guidance meeting offers an opportunity to face oneself, and to see problems from a perspective that transcends the Ego. It is neither meeting with a psychologist, motivational or life coach nor with the friend. The purpose of the conversation is to illuminate the inner hidden corners, so that the network of conditioned patterns that feed the problems can be revealed. During this process, the Ego will inevitably be triggered, which will create discomfort to a greater or lesser extent and cause conditioned reactions. The conversation provides support for overcoming that discomfort to see the deeper roots of recurring problems, habits, and lifestyle patterns. Although visitors are advised to approach the meeting with a clear understanding of what they want to discuss, a conversation with a sensei can illuminate an issue in a way that shifts the focus, direction, or depth of the conversation in often unexpected ways. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the meeting without expectations. Especially without expecting a problem to be solved, a life to be changed, or an addiction to end after just one meeting. But even one meeting is enough to start the process of clearing the karmic layers, which is a necessary process on the path of personal maturation. Therefore, this type of conversation is extremely important not only for lay people, but also for Zen practitioners who undergo rigorous monastic Zen training. The nature of the meeting is adapted to the level of participants, with the focus and flow varying from case to case. Sensei guides the participant in a way that considers the big picture and the ultimate destination - the realization of one's original nature, and freedom from suffering. Schedule: Tue - Sun Participants: 1 Duration: 60' Teaching tuition: 60 CHF / 170 CHF (block of 3 appointments) Read supporting article before visit:

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend the training you have booked, please cancel your booking 24 hours before the start of the course so that the practice you have missed can be replaced at a later point in time.

Contact Details

  • Hinotori An

    Kinkelstrasse 10, Zürich, Switzerland

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