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DOKA 道河 (aka Maja Z Mikos)

DoKa is Bodhisattva name with the meaning "the course of the Path"

Doka is the founder and resident teacher in Hinotori An 火の鳥庵.  Before fully devoting herself to the spiritual life, she lived as a lay Zen nun to fulfill her role as a mother. During the period of her secular life, she obtained academic degrees in various fields (Dr.rer.nat., MSc, FRM). 


Doka has been dedicated to spiritual development since childhood and has over 50 years of experience in various Western and Eastern spiritual teachings and practices. With the Guiyi ( 皈依 ) ceremony in 2002 (2546, per Buddhist calendar) Doka was accepted into the 34th generation of the Shaolin Chan brotherhood by Abbess Shi Yong Mei ( 释永梅 ) of Yongtai Nunnery (Yongtaisi 永泰寺), when she was given the name Shi Yan Sa ( 释延萨).  She was ordained as a Zen priest by Master Meicho Missen Bovay during the winter Ango in 2003. She realised Original Nature in 2002, after which she lived retreated for shorter or longer periods in Asia and Europe to complete her spiritual refinement. She fully exited secular life in 2015. Presently she lives in Zürich after returning from two and a half years long seclusion in the Slovenian Alps.


Doka utilises her background to establish a unique style of Zen Buddhist training – a fusion of traditional and modern insights.  Her training emphasises direct experience, the power of silence, and exposing of the Ego's triggers. Since she focuses on “every-moment-zen” and “no-idle talk” practices, Hinotori An may not be suitable for those looking for casual practice, relaxation or socialisation.

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