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Firebird Hermitage


Virtual Mondō

with Doka Sensei

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Today's mondō (問答) usually no longer takes place in the form of a dialogue between student and zen master, as in ancient times, but in the form of a question-and-answer session conducted after zazen practice. The range of questions is generally large, diverse and does not always address topics directly related to zen practice. This leads to a shift in focus from the big to the common life's questions, which robs mondō of its awakening power, but in turn allows a wider audience a glance into zen approach to life.


As of 2020, Hinotori An offers a virtual mondō for the general public. Questions asked through various channels are collected and answered either indirectly (in the form of quotes and blogs) or directly (the answer is linked to a specific question).


If a direct answer is desired, it is recommended to send the question by e-mail with the hashtag #DokaMondo.


Mondō is free and open to everyone.



Judgement vs. Judgemental

"Since judging something as good or bad is always biased when viewed through the lens of the conditioned self, does that mean it's better to stop judging altogether? Also, is it even possible to reach a state of non-judgment since it is obviously an extremely difficult task for the average person?"


Corrupt Mind

“If soldiers coming to your village and murder half the people and that troubles you, then your mind is corrupt?”

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