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Itivuttaka 98 Dāna Sutta

This discourse was taught by the Blessed One, taught by the Arahant, the fully enlightened Supreme Buddha. This is as I heard,

“Monks, there are two kinds of giving: giving material things and giving the Dhamma. Monks, of these two kinds of giving, giving the Dhamma is supreme.  Monks, there are two kinds of sharing: sharing material things and sharing the Dhamma. Monks, of these two kinds of sharing, sharing the Dhamma is supreme.  Monks, there are two kinds of help: help with material things and help with the Dhamma. Monks, of these two kinds of help, help with the Dhamma is supreme."


Hinotori An is an independent zen hermitage that operates without an endowment and relies entirely on its own funding, tuition, membership fees, sponsorships, and donations. Both the level of offered practice and the level of social engagement depend entirely on the generosity of practitioners and the interested public.


Every donation is accepted with the greatest gratitude and is used exclusively for the needs of practice, teaching, and social projects.




Dana (Sanskrit), Fuse (Japanese) is a practice of cultivating generosity that is not limited to the Buddhist monastery but also occurs in ordinary life. Generosity and gratitude are inextricably linked, providing a link between the mundane and the spiritual, the material and the intangible, and are therefore a source of spiritual peace and happiness.


In Buddhism, the practice of Dana forms the basis of monastic life and is manifested primarily through a formal religious act in which the material gift of the laity is exchanged for the spiritual gift of the monk. The practice leads to the understanding that when giving is unconditional and without attachment, the giver will always be on the receiving end. By cultivating unconditional generosity, the giver realizes the bliss of limitless gratitude, which leads to karmic purification and spiritual transformation.


There are many ways to give: 

  • through promotion and attendance at the offered practice and events

  • through a donation

  • by gifting practice coupons to family and friends (consultations, Zen meditation, workshops)

  • by instructing guests to donate to Hinotori An on behalf of your birthday, anniversary or wedding

  • through sponsorship or patronage

  • through spreading sensei's teachings and articles on social networks

monk zen_takuhatsu

Virtual Takuhatsu takes place annually. It is performed in form of crowdfunding in duration of symbolic 49 days with the start at sensei's birthday.

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