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Hinotori An was founded with the intention of raising awareness and compassion in the world by helping people on their individual journeys. Achieving these goals requires continuous work, absolute discipline and full commitment. However, on the plane of physical existence, even the most sacred activity cannot be done without the necessary means. Therefore, Hinotori An cannot carry out its spiritual or social initiatives without the generosity of students, visitors and patrons. For this reason, I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has contributed to Takuhatsu so far and will contribute this time too. Your generosity enables not only the further development of my work, but also the elevation of collective consciousness.


Takuhatsu (托鉢) is the traditional practice associated with Japanese Zen Buddhist monks and nuns roaming the city streets, standing on street corners, or visiting various businesses and residences, where they chant sutras in exchange for donations . All with the aim of generating merit. Read more 


Traditional Takuhatsu is rarely seen in the West, why Western Zen centers and monasteries usually rely entirely on donations received from their students, visitors, and Western Sangha. Read more 

The dependence of giver and receiver is mutual, whereby tangibles and intangibles flow into each other simultaneously and in both directions. Read more 


In 2019, Hinatori An introduced a hybrid form of Takuhatsu (traditional and modern approach) as an additional practice for Hinotori students and visitors, with the aim of enabling them to better understand the true meaning of generosity and gratitude.


Although the form is adapted to contemporary culture, it tries to preserve the spirit of Dana. Therefore, digital Takuhatsu should not be viewed as a mere donation, but rather as a spiritual practice that uses modern means to preserve the essence underlying the traditional approach.


The alms round takes place online once a year and lasts only 49 days.  Read more



2022 / 2023 

49 days

03.12.2022  - 20.01.2023 

Fuekō 普回向

Negawaku wa kono kudoku o motte, 

amaneku issai ni oyoboshi, 

warera to shujō to, 

mina tomo ni butsudō o jōzen koto o.

Universal Transference

of Merit

May the merits of this recitation

permeate all beings and places,

so that we, sentient beings, 

may all together realize

the Way of the Buddha.

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