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Life Guidance

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Personal conversations with the teacher are at the level of enlightened compassion.  It has a formal setting but may have different characteristics depending on the nature of the question or phase in which you are. 

Although the Zen tradition values direct experience more than verbal communication and discussion about the scriptures, it also uses the power of questioning and answering. To ask the right question, person must crystallise and focus his/her own mind. On the other hand, the teacher can initiate further development of the person through an answer that corresponds to his / her level. In this way questions and answers can offer the opportunity to open up to the deeper truth. 

Life Guidance is a less formal personal meeting with the teacher. Although there are some similar elements, life guidance is not alike to psychological or psychoanalytical sessions and it has nothing in common with chatting between friends. It is mix between training and teaching. When you meet teacher, you will meet empty mind without judgements, criticism, praising, taking sides. You will be put in front of the mirror where you can be given opportunity to confront your issues from another perspective. 


Meeting with teacher takes place on Tuesdays, by appointment and lasts max 1 hour. There are no limits to the choice of topics, and you can also ask questions that you would normally not dare to ask.  Meeting at another day can be arranged if teacher is available.  



Only when you are sincerely determined to take a deeper look and courageously confront your heart and mind can you take another step on your Path. 

Doka Sensei

Do not fall into the expectation trap of a worldly conversation. Meeting with the teacher is not a place for chatter and small talk. The teacher is not there to make you happy in the short term, but to shake you up so that you can achieve lasting happiness. She will not support your self-pity, hold intellectual or philosophical discussions with you, or attempt to convince you of anything. What you get is just an awakened perspective that sheds light on your path. But it is up to you whether you take this light with you or not.

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