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HISHIRYO 非思量 thinking non-thinking

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1/2 Day Retreat

Dogen wrote, “In our zazen, it is of primary importance to sit in the correct posture. Next, regulate the breath and calm down.”   


He describes here a preliminary stage of the zen practice.  But after going through this preliminary stage, all instructions given as separate pieces in space and time must be integrated as a whole in the body-mind of the practitioner of zazen.  When zazen becomes zazen, shoshin-tazais actualized. This means “just (tan) sitting (za) with correct (sho) bodily (shin) posture, with the “taza” emphasizing the quality of being whole and one in time and space. The “whole” of zazen must be integrated as “one” sitting.  In other words, zazen must become “Zazen, Whole and One.”

To master this, sitting in zazen for longer period is of great importance. A half-day sitting is the entry into such an extended practice.

When one transcends inertia through diligent practice, he gains wisdom and his suffering ceases.


The Dhammapada

DATES:     Since teacher is traveling in 2021, dates are not fixed and will be announced shortly before

COSTS:    CHF 0 - 40 (students) / CHF 50 (visitors)


If you're unable to pay this amount, please offer what you can. If you would like to make an additional donation, it would be appreciated.  For payment options follow the link

NOTE:  in 2021 all Sesshins are practiced online in Virtual Zendo (via Zoom)


This short but intensive Zazen practice is suitable for those who are not yet very familiar with Zazen, but also for experienced students. It offers a morning of silence and stillness, which is an excellent way to explore the inner space and deepen the practice of zazen. The retreat begins with introduction and ends with Mondo, which offers enough time for all questions asked. The practice is performed in silence.



Hinotori strive to keep prices as low as possible and to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the practice. No deposit is required to register. However, due to the limited number of places, you are expected to cancel your participation in good time if you are unable to join for any reason. Thank you for your practice and continued support.


It is my top priority that all students are healthy and safe. Please inform me of any health problems before the retreat to discuss the adjustments in practice. If you don't feel well during the training, please let me know immediately!

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Zendo Etiquette

Each action performed in Zendo should serve as a practice aimed at focusing on the NOW. To achieve this, Zendo has a set of rules that are clearly defined to create a smooth practice and optimal coexistence of all practitioners. Please read before entering the practice.


08:00 - 09:00   Introduction

09:00 - 09: 30   Zazen

09:30 - 09:40    Kinhin

09:40 - 10:10      Zazen

10:10   - 10:20     Kinhin 

10:20 - 10:50       Zazen

10:50  - 11:00       Kinhin

11:00   - 11:30       Zazen

11:30   - 12:00      Mondo

12:00                       Close

Schedule may change depending on month

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