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Overcoming Darkness and Ignorance

Even when we are not always aware of it, still all matter on Earth is affected by the gravity and motion of the cosmic bodies. We can hardly see its effect on solid Earth or on the atmosphere due to mass and density, but physics of fluids can give us some insights how physical forces can influence biological systems too. At certain moon and planetary constellations not only human endocrinology can be influenced, but as well other organic systems.

Similarly, knowing which methods can be used during particular cosmic constellations is of great importance for spiritual development.

One of these constellations is taking place during the night between 13.02.2018 and 14.02.2018. This is time which should be used for purification of the five elements, deep meditation and amplification of the spiritual growth. It is a time when our physical body has increased receptivity to ultimate consciousness.

With the special practice of purification, meditation, pranayama, energetic circulation and chanting body limitations can drop away and one can reach higher levels of consciousness.

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