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Term "health" originates from the term "wholeness, being whole” and not from “healing” as often understood. This means that you are not necessary healthy when the symptoms or illness are not present, but rather, when you feel whole, and your body, your mind, your emotions and your energy are aligned and balanced.

A large number of people in the world, even those who are not receiving medical treatment, are actually unhealthy. Although this claim may seem to be overly pessimistic, the reason why we do not perceive it this way is that in our assessment of health, we focus primarily on its physical aspects. This leads to the tendency to feel unhealthy only when the body is in pain, when it no longer functions, or when depression exceeds a certain level. However, our system becomes unhealthy whenever it falls into a state where the sense of wholeness, peace and joy is lost, long before the symptoms occur.

Restoring this condition may not be easy for everyone, and this struggle to return to a balanced state is source of profit of the pharmaceutical industry. We are kept in the belief that there is a magical remedy that will bring us back to good health immediately. Although the pills can partially support the functionality of the body that is out of balance, broken bio-chemical chains cannot be permanently closed. In fact, health can only be restored internally, by reactivating a self-healing mechanism.

Knowing this, it should be clear that we ourselves must do some inner work and that we alone have the responsibility to create an environment in which body, mind, emotion and energy can be in harmony. Unfortunately, people usually complain that they have no time for such internal maintenance. However, if they are honest about their time schedule, they will find that the time and energy they consume for watching television and window-shopping may be instead used to develop inner wellbeing.

Unfortunately, some people hold on to illness and pain for so long that they do not even want to take the chance to get better. It is hard for them to believe that every human being is capable of living healthy and well. But this also requires knowledge of how to get there and disciplined work toward it. Once the basis is set, it is enough to invest about thirty minutes quality time each morning focusing on your body-mind processes, to gradually build an inner environment that promotes lasting health and wellbeing. And this is a time that is affordable for everyone.

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