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Reality of Suffering


No wall or castle can protect us from the reality of our existence - there was, there is and there will be suffering.

We always try to find ways to circumvent this reality, but only when we return to the inner silence and observe from there can we see what the Buddha recognised more than 2'500 years ago - that suffering is a product of our lack of awareness, our greed, our craving, our fear, our non-acceptance of change and our attachment to material and non-material things.

But we can also see that we have the ability to use suffering as a vehicle for transformation and happiness. As we encounter our inner nature, learn to face our fears and act with compassion, we begin to recognise the deeper meaning of suffering, even when faced with the most difficult situations.

As we approach suffering with full awareness and compassion, awareness will teach us to accept impermanence and the importance of letting go of all attachments, and compassion will give us the power to see universal pain and vulnerability.

And only then does the true function of the suffering manifest itself, not only to carry us forward but also to create space for peace and happiness.

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