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Awakened Life and Cessation of Suffering


The life of an awakened person does not seem to be much different when viewed from the outside, but in essence there is nothing in an awakened person that is not completely transcended or at least in a state of transformation. The core of the awakened person is raw and fully naked, stripped from Ego layers, releasing the most basic and the most ordinary nature.

The desires of the body and mind diminish and even the desire that still endures – the desire to help others, has a different quality than before awakening. It is “desire-less desire” without the urge and the illusion that ultimate help is possible. It is not an expression of the hidden Ego that helps in order to create a sense of personal importance, usefulness and happiness. It is driven by the awakened compassion, without conditions and without expectations. The awakened person does what is needed and not what is wanted. It helps through action or non-action, often subtle and invisible to the perception of the non-awakened eye.

In the higher stages of maturity, the awakened person lives in a state that can be perceived as paradoxical for others. The distinction between “I” and “Others” disappears, and all other dualities merge. The interplay between good and evil, suffering and happiness, which seemingly contradict each other, is transcended and everything is brought together.

This also brings another quality to the offered support. The help does not aim to negate suffering, but to use it as a fertiliser for transformation and personal evolution. At the same time compassion takes the role of a mediator that ensures that suffering does not exceed this function.

The awakened person moves freely “in” and “out”, “up” and “down”, in all directions; never stays in one place for a long; never feels sadness of departure or excitement of arrival; never afraid of flying or falling; no fear of darkness, nor craving for light; without fear of death or desire for life.

Complete freedom from suffering.

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