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Sutra on Passing Away


Human life is like the morning dew on the edge of the grass, which lasts only a moment and disappears with the first sun-ray.

But even though every single drop seams insignificantly small, it is large enough to reflect the entire universe.

Human life is like summer rain. The water droplets evaporate the moment they touch the hot earth.

But no matter how fragile their shape is, whatever they touch, awake to life.

Human life is like a trail left behind the hand pulled through the water.

But although the trail disappears after a brief moment, even this moment is enough to refresh a thirsty soul.

Human life is like a wave born of the ocean. It rises and changes its shape, always in motion, unstoppable. It blurs the ocean by lifting the sand off the ground; it breaks even the hardest rock, and it rises to a terrifying heights.

But when the winds calm down, the wave returns to embrace the boundless ocean, and the indescribable light of the full moon iluminates the darkness.

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