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Doka Foundation

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The Doka Foundation is a project initiated by Doka Sensei (lay name Maja Z Mikos, Ph.D.) with the aim to touch and transform the life of the marginalised population segment that resides in a serious life-crisis and has little or no access to mindfulness practice and mind trainings.


Support is provided through awareness training based on the mindfulness system developed by Dr. Maja Doka Mikos (the Three Kernel System). The system is rooted in ancient teachings and consists of elements of Zen Buddhism, Daoism, and Yoga combined with insights of modern science. By educating people about the nature and functionality of body and mind, and providing tools to prevent and relieve stress symptoms, their foundation is continuously strengthened, resilience to stress increased, and inner growth accelerated, which ultimately leads to a better lifestyle choices.

When tree gets enough sun and water, when its roots are freely spread, it will develop healthy green leafs, flowers and fruit. It will grow as high as its nature allows and will be more resistant to parasites. When season changes, such tree will change with consistent beauty. But, if you plant the tree in the pot, it will get constrained and only appropriate care can keep it healthy and alive.

Doka Sensei


Who benefits from the foundation project?


The main focus is on children, whose habits, values ​​and perceptions are distorted due to an unfavorable life situation. Children are essential building blocks of the human future, and it is extremely important to support their development. Holistic training and strengthening the body and mind deepen general knowledge, reprogram bad habits and restore essential human values, self-confidence and trust.

Check out other social initiatives and engagements carried out through the Doka Foundation project line.

How are social initiatives funded?


Teaching, travel and facility costs, materials for mindful training, and other practice needs are funded exclusively from private funds and donations. Find out how you can support the work of the Doka Foundation and thus also directly help improve the lives of numerous children.

Help to strengthen trust in humanity and in the own values ​​of all children who live in migration or on the margins of society.

To provide every child with the opportunity to develop into a healthy person requires awareness and compassion unrelated to religion, political orientation, nationality, or any other human-made category. It is about the foundation of humanity and its development towards extinction or the next step in evolution.

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