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ZAZENKAI 座禅会 introspection

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The all-day retreat (Zazenkai) is an opportunity for Zen practitioners to deepen their Zazen practice by meditating all day. It gives each practitioner an intensity that can help them make significant progress on their personal journey. The retreat begins with the introduction and includes Zazen, Kinhin, chanting Sutra, Dokusan, a Dharma interview and Oryoki lunch (formal way of taking meal in Zen monasteries).  Zazenkai is an important way of practice for experienced students who want to advance their practice but also for newer students who want to prepare for Sesshin practice.

Both, members and non-members are welcome.

If you use your mind to study reality, you won't understand either your mind or reality. If you study reality without using your mind, you'll understand both.



DATES:     15.03. / 01.05. / 30.08. / 20.09. / 20.12.

COSTS:    CHF 70 -80 (members) / CHF 90.00 (non-members)


If you're unable to pay this amount, please offer what you can. If you would like to make an additional donation, it would be appreciated.  For payment options follow the link

NOTE: Due to Covid19 original schedule is adjusted


The retreat allows you to linger in stillness for a whole day, which is a great way to explore the inner space and deepen the Zazen practice. Two types of Zazenkai are offered: regular and silent.  The difference between these two is that in the silent Zazenkai, the silence is not interrupted by the introduction, the Mondo and Dharma conversation and the only verbal communication takes place during the Dokusan.

This all day long intensive Zazen practice is suitable for experienced students, but also for those who are new to Zazen. However, since the silent Zazenkai does not include introduction and those who attend it should have some sitting experience.   If you are new to Zazen, the regular Zazenkai is the better choice for you.   


What to bring?

Please note that Zendo implements practice in all areas of life, which means that you will find simplicity without comfortable sofas or pillows. The only comfort are the dining table and the chairs in the western seating style. Only normal rice, water and tea are offered during the retreat. However, if you need more food, you can bring something with you.


Hinotori strive to keep prices as low as possible and to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the practice. No deposit is required to register. However, due to the limited number of places, you are expected to cancel your participation in good time if you are unable to join for any reason. Thank you for your practice and continued support.


It is my top priority that all students are healthy and safe. Please inform me of any health problems before the retreat to discuss the adjustments in practice. If you don't feel well during the training, please let me know immediately!


Zendo Etiquette

Each action performed in Zendo should serve as a practice aimed at focusing on the NOW. To achieve this, Zendo has a set of rules that are clearly defined to create a smooth practice and optimal coexistence of all practitioners. Please read before entering the practice.


7:45-                Arrival

8:00 – 8:40   Introduction (Regular) /// Zazen & Kinhin (Silent)

8:40 -9:10      Zazen (Dokusan)

9:10-9:40       Tea break

9:40 -10:10     Zazen

10:10-10:20     Kinhin

10:20-10:50    Zazen (Dokusan)

10:50-11:20     Tea break

11:20-12:00     Dharma talk (Regular) /// Zazen, Kinhin (Silent)

12:00-12:30    Lunch

12:30-13:30    Contemplations break

13:30-14:00    Zazen

14:00-14:10     Kinhin

14:10-14:40     Zazen (Dokusan)

14:40-15:10     Tea break

15:10-15:40      Zazen

15:40-15:50     Kinhin

15:50 – 16:20   Zazen (Dokusan)

16:20-17:00     Sutra chanting

17:00-17:30     Samu

17:30                  Closing

Schedule may change depending on month

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