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Taoist Methods

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

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Taoism origins lay back in the 4th century BC and are rooted in a few most relevant teachings: the School of Naturalists or the School of Yin-Yang (陰陽家/阴阳家; Yīnyángjiā), the Book of Changes or I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, which contains teachings attributed to Laozi, and the later writings of Zhuangzi.

The main premise of the Taoism is to provide methods, which allow living in harmony with the Tao (道, "Way") that is considered to be both the source and substance of everything that exists. Taoism recognises the three fundamental levels of existence: Physical, Energetic and Mental, which are known as “The Three Treasures”: Jing (“Essence”), Qi (“Breath”), and Shen (“Spirit”). Further on, the Three Treasures are regarded as precious gifts that we are born with and which determine human heath and longevity. By understanding these three levels practitioner can get aligned with the cosmic energy and reach balance with Tao. Opposite, any action conducted against this harmony would eminently drain out our energy and influence our well-being and health.

Human urge to align with the operation of the Tao and to achieve state of harmony, gave rise to various methods aiming to improve health, increase longevity and most importantly to support body-spirit cultivation. Some of most important methods are:

  • Internal Martial arts

  • Qi Gong

  • Tao medicine

  • Internal alchemy (neidan)

  • Feng shui

  • Astrology and numerology

The Three Kernel System is using some of these methods as a tool for: practicing awareness at the different levels (body, mind, spirit); contemplation on tao principles and concepts; energy cultivation, with the goal to:

  • Improve health and longevity

  • Enhancing personal development

  • Improving relationships

  • Developing social competence

Awareness on the body, breath and energy circulation can improve not only better understanding of the interconnections of everything, but will have effect on physical and emotional heath and longevity. This will be practiced by use of some techniques related to Qi Gong, Internal martial arts (Taiji), Taoist meditation and Tao medicine.

Cultivation on principles and concepts will support development of the healthier relationships with oneself, other living beings, with the nature and with life itself. One would be better equipped for keeping balance independent on environment (work, family, society, nature). This will be trained by transferring martial arts (external and internal) strategies and principles to everyday situations.

Tao and Female cultivation techniques will be transferred only to advanced students.

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