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Instructions for Life Guidance

Updated: Oct 28, 2023


What we call "life problems" are mostly accumulated energies that manifest in various forms (toxic emotions, mental dysfunction, physical pain, etc.). When these energies are collected to such an extent that the internal pressure is not sustainable, an impulse for its rapid expulsion from the system is activated. In nature, this energy is often released by sounds (screaming or shouting) but, the human species has further developed such audio regulation of excess energy, with language being used as a carrier. The way in which language serves this purpose will depend on the collective in a particular cultural environment but in general, audio regulation is expressed through the torrent of words that carry a greater or lesser charge of energy. Since meetings with spiritual teachers are initiated with excessive energy, the nature of the meeting will in most cases contribute to its discharge. The form in which this will happen depends on the conditioned strategy of a particular person and can therefore manifest in different ways (through irrelevant chatter, intellectual discussion, philosophizing, confession, criticism, etc.)

It is therefore necessary to prepare an "appropriate mental state" before meeting with the spiritual master in order to prevent the activation of such conditioned strategies that regulate communication. Namely, both the way of communication and the expectations we have before the meeting will largely depend on the already created mental image that our mind associates with the spiritual master. If information necessary to create that mental object did not exist before the first meeting, or if the image is vague, mind will use an already available image, which is assumes to play the same role. For that reason, your mind has to be aware that when you meet spiritual master you are not facing a psychologist, friend or life coach, but awakened person whose role is to point out what is still hidden from you and to illuminate your problem in a way that allows you to see it from a different perspective. The goal of the master is to shake your Ego, break your conditioning, help you clear your karma and increase your receptivity to Life.

To achieve this, the master uses various methods, not just words, silence or gestures, but also emotions and subtle transmission. Depending on the extent to which your Ego and conditioned structures are triggered, a meeting can provoke a variety of reactions in you, from excitement and pleasant emotions to anger and irritation. Even more, when this what is causing your problem is fully mature, just the simple presence of the master can lead to its bursting (realisation) whereby the accumulated energy is transcended and does not causes the damage, which occurs during its uncontrolled release. Through this, your energies will accelerate and the level of your consciousness will rise.

Although, during the meeting, the focus sometimes shifts to strengthening the body, calming the heart or clearing the mind, the master is never fixated on only one part, but perceives you as an integral being (body-heart-spirit) that is not separate from her or from the rest of existence. To it, the ultimate focus is never lost sight of, and all the master's actions have only one goal - to awaken and raise your consciousness so that you can realise your nature and "free yourself" from suffering.

Remember, a master is not there to please you, to stand by your side when you complain about someone, or to participate in your personal drama. Don't expect her to pity or comfort you. For that, you have your friends and family. It is important to be aware that you will not get from the master what you want or what your Ego needs, but rather what your Being needs at that particular moment.

The master is always guided by pure compassion and love, but as her words, action or non-action are filtered through the lens of your Ego structures, meeting her can be experienced as an unpleasant event and she as an unkind, too direct and critical person. But, in fact, it is your Ego that feels attacked and your ignorance that prevents you from seeing that it is not the “Person” who talked to you. However, such an experience is not bad, because, even if there is no realisation during or after the conversation with the master, the irritated Ego produces enough energy that can be used as fuel for further progress on personal Path. For master, such outcome is what matters.

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