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Breaking Through

Karma formed this body of mine

And left its winds play with it

Throwing it left and right,

Lifting it up and dropping it down.

Forty long years of existence

Being nothing but a soap bubble

Finally cracked

Reconnected with the air.

Heaven opened for the moon and sun

To pierce the darkness

And call

The dragon to leave his kingdom behind the clouds

The white tigress to get out of the covert

The phoenix to rise from the fire.

To feed the hungry with their flesh

To wake up all with their howls

To quench the thirsty with their tears.

Sixty years

The wings still carry the remnants of what the body once was

The lips open to let out the words that used to belong to someone

There is nothing more

Not even the dream can bring back what was once called the Self

My brother, that what you see

My sister, that what you hear

Is just a shabby skin

Holding the last pieces of flesh together


The last roar is released to wake up those who are still asleep

The last tears are shed to revive the dry ground

The last feather falls out of the heavy wings

On the final ascent into the void.

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Frederick Lindemann
Frederick Lindemann

Thank you 🙏 Doka Sensei to give us the opportunity to understand you better. Respect 😌

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