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Children’s Rights Day

Today is Children's Rights Day. Let's celebrate it by seeing the importance of taking a proactive approach to getting to the heart of the issues that children face in today’s world.

Stress, excessive demands, financial difficulties or psychological problems: there are many reasons why families can get into trouble. When everyday life becomes an exceptional situation, it is difficult for many to get out of it on their own. In such situations, especially children suffer.

These problems arise from a lack of awareness, education, poverty, or illness and exist also in countries with a high standard of living. As the present situation and history show, the children wellbeing does not only depend on the wealth of their family or the country they live in, but also on the way their parents deal with their own lives. However, the family's influence on children's development is not taken seriously enough these days, which is why children who live in wealthy families are automatically considered well-cared for. Likewise, disadvantaged children in countries with high standards can be easily overlooked by the "Deprivation Radar". The modern world fails to recognize that the number of children whose well-being in their own families is at risk, is increasing. In Germany, for example, currently is one child removed from the family every 13 minutes in order to be protected (Statistics 2019). In Switzerland, 10 to 20% of children and adolescents are at risk of developing health and social problems such as various types of addiction, criminal behavior or psychological dysfunction. And this is only visible part of the problem. Indeed, any child who is exposed to risk without protection is very likely to develop health, mental and social disorders. Even more, these disorders and the learned approach to life, are carried over into adulthood, thus building the dysfunctionality of the future world too.

It is therefore our responsibility to take good care of every child born in this world, not only as parents and individuals, but also as a local and global society. We need to be more proactive instead of reactive, because these problems, can be avoided if the right help and support is given to all the people and families struggling with their existence. Such support should not only be of a financial nature, but should also offer help for the further personal development of the individual. This is particularly important because each of these people are the building blocks of the family and society.

In fact, the very same people who currently have life problems are exactly those children who, in the past, may have been deprived of not only the nourishment for their body but also their spirit, growing up without love, respect, or education. Thus, it should be clear, therefore, that the problems that children are facing now will become problems that the future world will also face.

From this perspective, today's global society is, in a way, made up of children who just appeared in this world or who already live in it for decades. And every of them needs care and support, whereby some may need recovery and others protection.

So, take a moment today to reflect on your own childhood and parenting and make a vow to share your love with every child you meet, including the child that is still in your mind and in your heart. The more love we give to children, the more harmonious our future will be and the faster we, as human beings, will reach the next level of evolution.

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