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Buddhists and Christmas

Jesus and Buddha

Although Buddhists do not celebrate the religious aspects of Christmas, if they practice in Western countries, the spirit that accompanies the celebration of Jesus' birth will always reach them. In fact, it will not even seem incomprehensible or foreign to them, why is not unusual for Western Buddhists to show respect for this Christian tradition. Indeed, they pay respect to an enlightened being whose birth marked the beginning of the search for ultimate salvation and a life dedicated to the spread of Light.


Jesus' path to Light may have been expressed in a different way than Buddha's, but it was paved with the same values - compassion, love and forgiveness. It warned against the same obstacles that lead to darkness and suffering - greed, anger and desire. And strived towards the same destination - unity with the whole of existence, the Supreme Self, God.


From a Buddhist perspective, it is therefore the teaching of Christ, actually the teaching of one who has touched the essence of the Spirit and reached the depths that everyone carries in their hearts. Moreover, since he also taught that one should live in a way that prevents not only personal suffering but primarily the suffering of others, Jesus also represents the embodiment of the Bodhisattva spirit.


The birth of those who virtuously cultivate such values and who dedicate their lives to peace, understanding and spreading of Light, is a huge blessing for humanity. Therefore, the day that marks their appearance on the stage of this Realm deserves the greatest respect and celebration.


May the Christmas celebration spread the Light of compassion, love, and forgiveness.


Doka Sensei

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