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The Second Gate






ZenQiYo Academy

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Urban Practitioners

Householders or lay practitioners have always been an important part of any spiritual school. They are like fertile on which everything that nourishes human the heart and mind can grow and bloom. In Mahayana Buddhism, importance of lay practice goes back to the time of Buddha and the lay practitioner Vimalakirti.


Doka Sensei sees urban practice as a second gate to enlightenment. However, the wisdom needed to open this door is not so easy develop, and the challenges of the urban life require a specific, practical approach.  For that purpose, Doka Sensei designed the Three Kernel System, which is tailored to the needs of modern practitioners who are strongly involved in secular matters through family and work. 


Through the ZenQiYo Academy, Hinotori Zendo offers a platform for urban practitioners and institutions through various classes and programs.  

The Urban Practitioners programs are for those who want to work on themselves with the support of teacher who has both secular and spiritual education and personal experience from both worlds.  This Program offers the opportunity to build and maintain a lasting relationship with Hinotori Zendo and the growing community (Sangha), but without the formal requirements of a Training Student. At the same time, as an Urban Practitioner, you support the wisdom and spirit of Dharma in your daily life and the work of Hinotori Zendo in its attempts to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness.


Would you like to become Urban Practitioner?

This training is intended to support people who feel overwhelmed by the worldly life expectations or who do not feel successful enough in managing personal or professional commitments.  


Obtaining the wisdom needed to escape the cycle of suffering is a long process that requires discipline, intention, and perseverance, especially when one lives in a world that is determined by ego desires. Designed practice aims to train your awareness and a conscious handling of everything you are experiencing.  When you are ready to invest some time in building wisdom and mindfulness, you can get support through classes (Urban Practitioners), Life Guidance or ZenQiYo Programs (companies, schools, health-care institutions) offered by ZenQiYo Academy, which is one of Hinotori Zendo program lines.


However, if you develop a serious interest in consistent practice, you can switch to the practice designed for Hinotori Zen students.  If you still have a question as to whether you are qualified for this training or not, you can arrange a meeting with the teacher.

Urban Member

You can also become a Urban Member and receive additional support through monthly invitations to Mondo (questions to teacher) that will be answered in the form of videos. This is a great opportunity to get to know the teacher and work with her in more personal but informal way.  In addition, Urban Members receive invitations to other events organised by Hinotori Zendo and discounts on retreats to which they can participate.


With membership, Urban Members support Hinotori Zendo with contributions that are in the form of sliding scale (from 5 CHF - 25 CHF/ month). Membership fees flow directly into Zendo's day-to-day operations, which includes social initiatives, Zendo maintenance, and supporting teacher. 

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