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Blaming others


Complaining and blaming never solve the problem. When we do that, we deny our part of responsibility for the development of the situation, we create drama and the situation threatens to escalate even more. Without realising our impact, we expect others to make a change, just the way we see it. But actually, it is only the voice of our Ego, dictating its own selfish desires that we follow. Unaware Ego is programmed to apply a one-sided approach at all levels, what is reflected in our relationships with others, the stress we experience in our offices, the distribution of wealth in the world, the socio-political and environmental situation or even in how the country is governed or Earth is protected.

Although the Ego, driven by own needs, makes us believe that our expectations and actions are best for the situation, this usually does not correspond to the truth. Furthermore, without being aware of our impact, we become resistant to our own growth and blind to the actions of others who are also trying to find a solution. Therefore, even the most rigorous changes others make will not bring us closer to final satisfaction and only what will remain are just further complaints and repetition of the same behavioural patterns.

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