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Giving Heart

child angel

Photo credit: P. K. Pruen

In the face of suffering in one world, we often forget that there are also families in economically developed countries or generally in Europe who are unable to feed and dress their children, provide them with good education and give them a foundation to develop their own potential. Such a situation is like a two-sided sword: on the one side, problems are not sufficiently weighted and on the other, this ignorance has most powerful impact on the entire world.

Particularly disadvantaged children suffer in such situations. They live in the urban jungle, which requires special tools and skills, and without support, they will be driven only by their self-sustaining instincts, which does not choose the path to survival, even though this may be a ticket to an unhappy life or crime.

And that is what most "children's aid organizations" want to prevent. Unfortunately, people are usually "short-sighted" and can not see the whole picture. This "human factor" often leads to the failure even of the most dedicated humanitarian organizations. Their success depends on the “human ability to give”, and that is a trait that is not sufficiently cultivated in today's world. But although altruism is not perceived as the most fashionable feature, it is not a product of today's culture. It manifests in human genes and it is shaped through evolution. Although cultural and technological development may overlay altruistic behaviour with destructive emotions, altruism is still in human genes.

Being altruistic and giving away material or not material goods is, for a variety of reasons, not a simple act for many people. But the greatest obstacle is usually not personal wealth, but the human heart. Some people may sit at a full table but are still experiencing enormous fear of hunger. Some, on the other hand, are willing to share the last few pieces of bread with others.

But it is not about judging, defining good or bad, or not possessing an altruistic gene, it is about overcoming one's own fears and building a healthy inner environment that can be fruitful for higher awareness and receptivity. Giving must be done with mindfulness. It makes a big difference whether someone gives away favourite sneakers because someone else needs them more, or because sneakers are in bad condition and one wants to get rid of them.

Mindful giving is only possible when life is consciously lived and when compassion is cultivated. With this, one can transcend personal fears into universal love and understand that “giving heart” is reaching far, much further than one can possible imagine.

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