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Depression is one of the most insidious diseases of today's society. It does not discriminate and can attack anyone regardless of age, social status, gender, or any other criteria. It covers an umbrella of symptoms, causes and triggers and is induced by so many variables that even the name “depression” appears unspecific. And though, there is no exact medication or method that can treat it, the promise of the pharmaceutical industry creates expectations of easy and complete healing, causing even greater setbacks that often end in hopelessness and suicidal thoughts.

But although depression is hard to conquer, it is not a hopeless struggle. However it does take a good strategy to fight it, starting with acknowledgement what depression really is - a storm of thoughts, feelings and chemicals inside of you that is not unlike storms outside of you.

Unfortunately, the onset of storms cannot be accurately forecasted or prevented no matter how hard you try. There are too many factors, variables and interactions that are constantly changing. You cannot predict whether the storm will completely obscure the sky, bring heavy rain or generate hurricanes and floods of tremendous destructive power. But, destructive or not, the power of nature is always frightening and can take your breath away, make you feel small and unable to fight it. You may also try to prevent it, to ignore it or resist it, but anyone who has ever been exposed to the forces of nature and tried to swim against the current, or to run against the wind knows that there is no way forward with this strategy. Your only chance to safely reach your destination is to understand the nature of current caused by the storm.

Nevertheless, you do not have to become a storm expert, to know all about meteorology, or physics. If you see the storm approaches approaching your house, you would automatically try to find shelter and would not use your energy to pity yourself or think that the storm is targeting only your house.

Moreover, with each storm you become more perceptive and thus able to recognise the signs early enough and to improve your response. Your experience teaches you to take precautions, develop a good escape plan, build strong protection and let go. You will learn to focus when the storm occurs, and to act without panic, bearing in mind that the storm will pass as quickly as it came. Nothing is permanent; not the good weather, but the bad weather neither and even if it feels like eternity, the storm is only there for a while, no shorter and no longer than necessary.

If you accept that this is not the first and not the last storm and learn to master it, your perception will shift; Instead of sadness because of past storms or fear of the future ones, you will be grateful that your boat has returned safely to a port. Once you have survived strong natural turmoil, you can be sure that you are well equipped for the next one too. You learn to be prepared for every new storm. The better you are prepared, the more successful your survival mode becomes.

These of you, who have experienced stormy weather, have also learned that the sky after the storm is the clearest sky you can see. To become aware of this will generate energy that transforms blame and self-pity into compassion for those who go through the same struggles. When that happens, your old, tight skin will fall off and you will step on the new path - the Victim will be left behind and the Warrior will step ahead.

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