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Lockdown and Fear of Being Captured

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Every now and then we are reminded of how connected we all are, how equal, regardless of our wealth, status, gender, religious or political beliefs, colours of our skin and hair, the language we speak, the level of education or anything else. These are times when hearts open and people come closer to each other, like scared birds hiding under the mother’s wings. Only, this time the warmth of human touch is largely missing due to pandemic measures, which makes some people feel lonely, restless, impatient, angry, or fearful.


During normal life, you may be praying to have more time for yourself, more time with your family, more time to read a good book, cook a favourite meal or play an instrument, more time for everything. And now, when it looks like prayers are suddenly answered and what you asked for is finally given, you may feel even stronger loneliness and confusing emotions. The books may remain unread while the TV is on all day. The energy for a new hobby is missing and the pyjama becomes preferred dress code. Sitting in silence feels challenging and the feeling of being restricted and held against your own will increases.

Why is it so difficult for some people to stay at home alone? And why is it difficult for some others to spend the whole day with their own family?

What makes you feel unhappy and unsatisfied has nothing to do with the place you are in or the event you are experiencing. It is not because of pandemics, not because of the lack of hectic pace of everyday life, the fact that you live alone or with many people in one single room. You feel that way because of the state of your own mind-heart and ego that feels trapped and constrained.

Can that change? Yes, but like you can't reach the other side of the river just because you are looking at the bridge, your own situation cannot change for the better just because you know there is a way out of the difficulties. You have to cross your own bridge no matter how high, fragile or scary it may be. Nobody can do that for you.

So, take a step over by allowing the silence within you. Face the reflection you see in it. It is your own reflection; it is who you really are. The clearer the mind and the smoother its surface, the better you will see your original nature.

Meditate, breathe, contemplate. Learn how to clear up your mind and heart by cultivating gratitude, generosity and compassion. Start with seemingly small and ordinary things.

  • Be thankful for having space where you can stay safe.

Don’t let your heart despair, grow anger, jealousy and hate for having less than others. But also, don’t let arrogance, indifference or lack of compassion overwhelm your heart just because you have more.

  • Be grateful to people who stayed at home and enabled you to continue jogging or walking.

If everyone would follow their own wish for movement on the fresh air, forests and parks would be overcrowded and the resulting lockdown measures would be even more drastic.

  • Be grateful to people who provide you food (who produce it, deliver it, sell it, cook it for you).

Don’t buy more that you can eat. For a moment, consider food not as a commodity, but as what it actually is – your life fuel in the form of other life forms, regardless of whether it is plant or animal. Food waste is a crime against all existence and not just against humanity.

  • Be grateful to everyone who helps society run and is on the front line in fighting pandemics.

Although you may live in countries less affected by this crisis, show compassion to all those who live in places that could not avoid the greatest impact. Wait patiently. Do not spread the virus to distant places and countries just because you feel entitled to do whatever you want and go wherever you wish. You may not have symptoms of Covid19, but you can still be a carrier of SARS CoV2. If you do not act attentively now, you will have to take responsibility, as for the failure of the pandemic measures and the death of people you have unknowingly contaminated, so for the development of new virus mutations that are even better adapted for human hosts.

  • Show respect to nurses and health-care professionals

who live through the enormous emotional and physical constraints now. Be grateful to all social, charitable and religious institutions that try to help you through your fears and pain. To all spiritual guides who offer free webinars and trainings.

Cultivate generosity. Learn to give and learn to take. Learn to be a better version of yourself - a person whose actions are enriched with wisdom and compassion, and who rises above the ignorance of own ego.

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